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Frequently Asked Questions: Emergency Response

Does Spartan Chassis offer training opportunities?
Yes. Spartan Chassis offers a variety of training opportunities for the end-users that own our chassis, and the technicians that service them. The Emergency Response end-user level training is held at the end-user's location and is customized to meet their needs. The technician level training covers a number of topics focusing on proper periodic maintenance, system operation, troubleshooting, and diagnostics and repair of multiple chassis systems. Technician training is held at the Spartan Chassis factory in Charlotte, MI, and regionally throughout the US. To learn more about Spartan Chassis training opportunities please contact our Service Development and Training staff.
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What does the Spartan Chassis limited warranty cover?
Spartan's chassis limited warranty covers repair or replacement, at the sole discretion of Spartan Chassis, Inc., of any part of the new Spartan chassis (except the engine and transmission) in which a defect in materials or workmanship appears under normal use, where maintenance has been performed as stated in the Operation & Maintenance Manual.

The engine and transmission are not covered by the Spartan limited warranty but they are covered by warranties issued from the engine and transmission manufacturers. The chassis owner should check the original component manufacturers' warranties regarding coverage.

Original limited warranties for emergency response cab & chassis are in effect for a period beginning the date the finished vehicle is delivered to the first end user and ending after 24 months for fire trucks and 12 months for rescue transport vehicles. Please contact Spartan Chassis to determine the warrantable period for a specific cab and chassis.

Some examples of items not covered under the limited warranty include normal maintenance such as lubrication, batteries, tires, etc. Failure to maintain proper fluid levels and installation of aftermarket devices can void your limited warranty. It is recommended that the owner refer to the Operation & Maintenance Manual for a complete list of warrantable and non-warrantable items.
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How do I register my Spartan Chassis limited warranty?
Please submit your Spartan Chassis Limited Warranty Registration form within 30 days of the purchase date. The warranty registration form is located in the warranty section of the owner's manual CD, or it may be accessed online here.
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How do I find authorized service for my vehicle?
There is a unique distinction between Spartan Chassis' Authorized Service Centers and other general service centers across the country. Our authorized service facilities have committed to training because they acknowledge and value the importance of educating their technicians. Thorough training directly impacts labor hours, warranty costs and down time for our customers. Service centers are pre-qualified by Spartan Chassis based on market coverage. Find Authorized Service
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How important is it to keep maintenance logs on my emergency response chassis?
It is the owner's responsibility to keep accurate maintenance and repair records, including receipts. Should lack of required maintenance be the reason for repair, a warranty claim will not be accepted. Spartan Chassis reserves the right to request your maintenance and repair records for verification of compliance with required maintenance practices and intervals.

We recommend maintenance and repair records/receipts be kept with the vehicle as permanent records. Acceptable records include itemized bills, dealer work orders, owner's vehicle log, and service facility receipts, which must state the date the service was performed, mileage (kilometers), Vehicle Identification Number, and service performed.
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Where can I find basic information about the proper use and care of my cab and/or chassis?
If you can't find the answer in the Emergency Operations & Maintenance Manual provided with your chassis, or you have more technical questions that are not covered in the manual, please contact Spartan Chassis, Inc.
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