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Spartan chassis are ingeniously crafted to provide strength and durability mile after mile. Our fully integrated designs provide superior support and stabilization. We tune each of our chassis to the individual OEM platform, and conduct extensive testing including electronic ride analysis and proving ground validation.

Step 1: Finite Element Analysis

Computer model of chassis is stressed and analyzed for specific results during new product design and existing product refinement.

Determines if design modifications are necessary and verifies the proposed design performance to customer's specifications prior to manufacturing.

Step 2: Lab Durability Testing

Heavy-duty road simulation testing for structural durability in a laboratory environment with six high-performance hydraulic actuators.

Qualifies the design for safety, quality and reliability.

Step 3: Bosch Proving Grounds

Chassis undergo rigorous performance tests against varying conditions to validate design and component reliability.

Independent 5,000 mile non-destructive structural and powertrain durability testing with 1,000 mile durability inspection intervals.

Step 4: OEM Platform & Digital Ride Analysis

Electronic ride analysis is conducted to acquire ride quality data from actual on-road operation of completed vehicle.

Based on comprehensive vehicle ride quality results, brakes, shocks and other components are adjusted as needed.