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Since 1985, Spartan has developed significant technological innovations that have changed the RV industry. We monitor the availability of new technology and work closely with our component manufacturers to apply new technology to our products in order to meet customer requirements and anticipate future market needs. Spartan has been a leader in innovation in the past and we will continue to lead in the future.

Spartan Extol “Concept Chassis”

Introducing a completely new Class A chassis design in a high-performance package that easily integrates with existing OEM applications. The all-new Extol Front Engine Gas “concept chassis” is configured to fill the price and GVW gap begween the existing gas and diesel Class A platforms. Download Brochure (PDF)

Extol Concept Chassis
  • “Coach Ready” frame design
  • Superior ride and handling
  • Unmatched power performance
  • OEM tuned drop-in solution
Spartan Extol Concept Chassis

Spartan Revel “Concept Chassis”

OEMs now have the opportunity to create a unique exterior design and provide more living space with this low cab forward architecture. The Spartan Revel Front Engine Gas “concept chassis” has significant market potential to compete with Class C platforms while offering the benefits of a Class A. Download Brochure (PDF)

Revel Concept Chassis
  • 10-13% increase in living space (than Class C of equal length)
  • Body on frame design
  • OEM tuned drop-in solution
  • Superior ride and handling
Spartan Extol Concept Chassis